Wildey Model 4510 Survivor 10" Stainless Steel .45 Win Mag

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If you are a lover, collector and/or shooter of big-bore hand-cannons, then you will certainly appreciate this amazing pistol! ‘Dirty Harry’ is proud to offer you this gorgeous Wildey Model 4510 Survivor chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum, featuring a cold hard stainless steel finish, and the long 10” vented/ribbed barrel. They just don’t get much meaner than this folks! The Wildey Survivor is a gas-operated, double-action/single-action pistol designed by Wildey J. Moore, and was designed to fire several high-pressure proprietary cartridges including the .45 Winchester Magnum & .475 Wildey Magnum. The Wildey was purpose-designed to be a hunting firearm, and was built to withstand breech pressures of over 48,000 PSI associated w/ Moore's lines of proprietary cartridges. The Wildey was the first gas-operated double action semi-automatic pistol, and employs a unique short-stroke gas operation, which allows the pistol to be adapted to fire several high pressure cartridges. Moore described the Wildey patented gas system as an “air-hydraulic piston powered by the firing gases through six small holes in the barrel”. This piston forces the slide rearward, initiating the cycling of the pistol. Another advantage of a gas-operated system is that it reduces recoil quite a bit. The Wildey uses a fixed-barrel, three-lug, rotating-bolt design, which locks into the aft barrel extension. The bolt is linked to the slide via one of the bolt lugs. When the cartridge is fired, the piston is forced against the retracting slide, which catches the extended bolt lug and causes the bolt to rotate open. The fixed-barrel design promotes greater accuracy over pistols designed around an articulating barrel design. This particular example, serial # 2747, is in collector-grade condition throughout. Rated @ 99+%, the factory original stainless steel finish is bright & shiny w/ no distractions to speak of, and the factory original wood grips are in mint condition w/ beautiful coloring. All mechanical functions appear to be absolutely perfect. This beautiful 10” Wildey Model 4510 Survivor .45 Win Mag pistol still resides in its numbered factory original cardboard clamshell box w/ grey foam insert, and comes with (2) factory original 7-round magazines. If you love Auto Magnum pistols as much as I do, then you will be extremely happy with this amazing handgun!

If you wish to purchase this firearm or if you have any questions whatsoever, please call Steven @ (435) 703-0003.