1960 Colt Gold Cup National Match #267 'ANIB' Paperwork/Target

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If you are an avid collector of vintage Colt semi-automatic handguns, then you will most certainly want to take a very close look at this little jewel.

‘Dirty Harry’ is proud to offer you this absolutely pristine 1960 Colt Gold Cup National Match (serial # 267) chambered in .38 Special Wadcutter. This is a very-early first-year gun, as Colt began production of these guns @ serial # 100, so this pistol was quite possibly the 167th off of the line. Colt didn’t always build their guns is perfect sequential order, but either way, it is a very-early Colt Gold Cup National Match.

This is an 'investment-grade' Colt pistol in every respect! Overall condition is 99%+ throughout, and as close to ‘perfect’ as you will find. The high polish slide and frame flats are absolutely brilliant, and the matte finish on top of the slide and on the bottom of the frame are equally nice. The factory original checkered wood stocks w/ gold Colt medallions are in the same ‘mint’ condition as the gun itself.

This 'collector-grade' package includes the factory original faux woodgrain two-piece Colt box, which is numbered to the gun, original Colt warranty booklet, original pink Colt maintenance slip, original Colt tools (bushing wrench, sight tool, & allen wrench) in the original envelope, and the original signed Colt test-target. It just doesn’t get much better folks!

Again, if you are a collector of vintage Colt semi-automatic handguns, this pistol and its complete package would be nearly impossible to upgrade, period!