1908 Smith & Wesson 2nd Mod. Single Shot .22LR Original Box!


Vintage Smith & Wesson collectors & fanatics, here is an exceedingly rare pistol that rarely if ever is seen on the open market. These guns are usually only sold or traded behind the scenes, so here is your chance to get your hands on a true collector piece. ‘Dirty Harry’ is very proud to offer you this 1908 Smith & Wesson 2nd Model Single Shot .22 Long-Rifle Target pistol (Serial # 2268) featuring a 10” barrel, factory original black composite grips w/ Smith & Wesson logo, and a factory original high polish blue finish. These pistols were manufactured between 1905 – 1909, and were extremely popular w/ professional target shooters across the United States. They were also the standard handgun of the ‘United States Olympic Team' in Single Shot pistols. This is the only known example that still resides in its factory original purple hinged box w/ original tan label. Rare? I would consider it ‘Ultra-Rare’ considering its exceptional condition and the fact that it’s still in its original box! Rated @ 95% overall, this top-break pistol still wears it’s all-original high polished finish w/ some scattered handling marks here & there from honest use. The left side of the barrel shows some finish loss from sitting in the box, as well as the muzzle area, but for a 109-year old pistol, it is absolutely stellar! The factory original black composite grips are in excellent condition showing just a bit of wear, and the left grip panel is stamped Patent Aug. 30 92. The hammer & trigger guard still show brilliant case coloring. All mechanical functions appear to be excellent, w/ perfect action and minty bore. The factory original S&W purple hinged box w/ tan label is in very good condition, and both labels on the inside of the box are very nice & fully intact. According to S&W historian Roy Jinks, this Smith & Wesson 2nd Model Single Shot .22 Long-Rifle Target pistol, Serial # 2268, was shipped from the factory on May 12, 1908, and delivered to George Worthington Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Any serious Smith & Wesson collector will certainly appreciate the rarity of such a pistol, and to find an example in such wonderful original condition in its factory original box is simply icing on the cake. Don’t expect to see another one like it pop up for sale anytime soon!

If you wish to purchase this firearm or if you have any questions whatsoever, please call Steven @ (435) 703-0003.